Vintage is In: Summer Vintage Styles

What better to wear with your oversized casual hat, large sunglasses and sun dress than art deco rings? Vintage is in this year, and summer fashion can be dressed up or down depending on locale. Find yourself on the strip in Vegas? On the beach at Miami? These keen fashion tips will help you figure out the perfect outfit and accessories for any occasion.

According to Cynthia Findlay Antiques, one of the fundamentals to fashion I vintage. Vintage influences the new in ways that may not be apparent to the average person. If you develop an eye for it, vintage can be paired well with modern styles to create a look that is eye-catching and entirely unique.

One of the best ways to pair vintage and modern fashions together is to accessorize. You can choose a vintage dress and modern shoes with a vintage style. This helps you look more in fashion, and less in costume. Vintage dress is very showy, so trying to go for the full vintage effect can result in overdressing for an occasion (and would add hours to your morning routine, trying to get hair and makeup just right).

Edwardian vintage engagement rings, for example, are ultra-romantic pieces with gems and stones set into intricate metal working. These rings are reflective of a period when jewelers first began mastering the techniques that would lead to modern jewellery making. Alone, they seem almost flashy. Dress down with torn jeans. Part of the mystique of vintage is how it looks paired with the more casual styles of every day dress today.

Don’t be afraid to mix eras either. If you shop for estate jewellery, you’ll quickly accumulate many pieces from all across the past. Pair those styles together for unique and interesting looks.

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