Treating Your T-Zone with TLC

We all know this zone well—but we often mess up how to handle it. First, you should know where it is. The T-Zone’s top bar is across your forehead, while the vertical bar stretches down from the middle of your forehead, crossing your nose and upper lip and ending just below the lips.

Here’s what to do to handle this common skincare concern.

#1 Go Light
Pick a light cleanser that’s water based and doesn’t have heavy oils. Don’t clean it more than twice a day or you’ll dry it out and see even more oil produced by the body to make up for the oil you strip away by over-washing.

#2 Go Right
Pick a moisturizer with dimethicone or hyaluronic acid. These offer nice hydration without clogging up the pores with heavy creams.

#3 Go Liquid
Use a liquid-based foundation on the T-Zone so you don’t add oil to the area, then dust a mineral powder on your face to help it set.

#4 Go Pro
As you already know, the T-Zone gets those awful blackheads. Skip the strips: they don’t work. Despite the cost, your best bet is seeing a dermatologist to treat blackheads. They’ll know how to get rid of them without irritating your skin, whereas a facial recipe you saw online not only probably won’t work, it could make you blotchy because you could react badly to the ingtedients.

#5 Go Low
Eliminate dead skin and extra gunk with a mild exfoliant like salicylic acid in a concentration of .5% to 2%. This should work for both the T-Zone and the rest of your face in those lower, gentler concentrations.

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