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Making Your Own Jewelry Designs just got Infinetly easier Thanks to Top Secret List

diy jewelryEver wanted to join in the DIY Jewelry making craze but didn't know where to begin?  Well, millions of people all over the world are beginning to try their hands at designing and making their own jewelry.  Making your own jewelry can be a fun hobby or a means to make extra money.  Or maybe you just want to make someone a very personalized custome jewelry piece from your own heart…and with your own hands as a gift for a very special person.   In either case,  you will benefit greatly by having access to the top blogs and websites availabale online to give you tutorials, training, tips and over the shoulder step by step instruction.  These sites are absolutely invaluable and packed full of information to be a great launching pad for the Newbie Jewelry designer or a place to take your skills to the next level for the more experience.

Top Secret List of Blogs and sites to Spark jewelry design inspirationdiy jewelry design

The DIY Necklace

Design and create a custom necklace to give as a gift or to add to your own collection.  The possibilities are indeed endless. You can begin by working with plastics.  You might want to use beads or some other exotic pieces to give your piece a true one of a king look. Here are a few Top Secrets sites to get you up to speed quickly!

DIY Earrings

For those budding Jewelry Designers that are looking to get started making your own earrings we have some great resources to share that will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to do it.  So if you want to make some nice custom earrings to go with that special outfit, you want to start creating Custom Earrings to sell or you want to make a special pair of custom earrings to give away as a gift; you are about to learn how.  So take some time to visit each site below:

DIY Bracelets

Another very popular Jewelry item to learn how to create is bracelets.  Bracelets can be made in an almost unlimited number of styles, sizes and materials.  Moreover they can be designed to be worn in any occassion from the funky, sporty to the sublimely elegant affair.  Go and dig into these resources to learn how to design and create these cool bracelets like a seasoned jewelry design pro.


DIY Rings

As you know major jewelry stores charge a fortune for custom rings.  The more rare the ring is the more it costs.  So now you can learn how to create some awesome rings of your own.  Of course these can be pieces that you can re-sell or make someone smile from ear to ear because you made them a custom piece that they will have to treasure for years to come.

  • How to make a Gold Ring in 90 minutes via sandcasting.  This Video is probably for the more advanced jewelry design DIYers out there, but how cool would it be too master this technique.  Cool and Profitable for those that actually re-sell their jewelry on ebay, Amazon or via their own websites.  Take a look, learn and enjoy.

  • How to make a Ring from a Coin… By Hand! Enjoy this very interesting video and learn how to make a very attractive and unique ring from a regular coin.  Each one of these rings will be unique and have it's own charm. Of course depending on the type of coin you use, the resulting value of the rings will vary.

  • How to Make a Wire Wrapped Cocktail Ring Stone Setting Surprisingly, this technique is very easy.  When you see how nice the end product looks, you would imagine that the developement process would be much more difficult, but to my surprise it's fairly straight forward. Let me know what you think about this technique and please be sure to share photos of your new creations.

  • DIY: how to make jewelry rings with nail polish  Talk about innovation, this technique is innovative and simple. You are really going to love this video and I know you'll be able to come up with some pretty amazing jewelry designs as a result.

  • How To Create Beaded Rings  Learn how to make beaded rings from the London Jewelry School.

We are excited to see the amazing creations you begin to develop as you implement the new skills and techniques you learn from our posts and videos.  Please do share your new creations and we will most certainly share them here on the Blog!



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