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Sarah Aghili : Trend setter…Entrepreneur…Jewelry Design Legend

sarah aghiliWe absolutely love this first Designer!  Introducing: Sarah Aghili. Sarah who is an American Iranian Businesswoman, Entrepreneur and Highly sought after jewelry designer.   She was born in Houston, Texas where her success and media exposure have made here somewhat of a hometown celebrity.   Sarah's star began to rise in 2008 when she launched her Jewelry Line and first website carries a large line of Unique jewelry, but also things like  blazers, tunics, rompers and dresses just to list a few. 

The overall Sarah Agility design philosophy is "Affordable Glamour".  She endeavors to make her one of a kind jewelry pieces affordable to the average person.  Her work includes; chunky rings, wrap bracelets, pendant necklaces and cufflinks designed for men and women alike.  Sarah's design esthetic is wide and varied.  She says "You’ll find skulls, evil eyes and Hamsa hands as a prevalent theme".  Sarah says “I love unique pieces and statement pieces,” she says. “Our evil eye wraps are all big sellers, and the red sting OM bracelet has been really popular as well.”  Her brand and her design style have garnered her national and even international recognition.  Aghili's work has been featured in Global publications like; People, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Redbook, Womens Wear, Girls Life, Us Weekly, Fitness, Glamour Magazine, Seventeen, Life & Style, American Cheerleader,  and Fit Pregnancy.

Sarah seems to have been born with the gift for design and fashion.  Aghili made it a point to always express her unique flair Designer_Sarah_Aghiliby putting here gift to work at an early age.  This 25 year old jewelry design mogul first began designing and creating her own custom jewelry designs remarkably early in here life.  “My love for fashion started young,” Aghili reports. “I was eight years old and obsessed with Pucci prints.”  Even as a child Sarah Aghili became known for creating fashion trends, unique looks, and eclectic design vibes.  In other interviews Sarah has expressed  that “I find inspiration everywhere,”.   “From a homeless man by the Galleria to the barista at Starbucks.”

Over the years Sarah began to grow sincerely dissatisfied with the lack of options for young girls.  As a result she decided to begin designing and creating her own jewelry to serve this market; which led to her eventually creating

Aghili,  has always used fashion as a creative outlet,and is inspired by her love of people, travel, music, culture and or course; art.  It is certainly apparent that these internal passions are externally observed in her designs.  Sarah made the decision to take the initiate to be the leading design catalyst in her brand from the very beginning.  Her passion and energy has permeated every one of her design pieces, which is why her pieces resonate so deeply with her customers; who have become much more than customers, they've become raving fans.

In an effort to further expand her offerings without diluting the brand of her original sites, she launched her second site,  This site carries sunglass, apparel and sunglasses, with the unique Sarah Aghili design flair. 


Sarah Aghili products are available at a host of very high end stores and boutiques from coast to coast in the US.  Her designs are carried in stores like, Kitson in Los Angeles, California; Hollywood Status Couture in Scottsdale, AZ and Apricot Lane in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

SarahAghiliBillClintonSarah is not only a SuperStar Jewelry Designer, but she is also a philanthropist and very aware global citizen. Sarah is an avid supporter of the Falling Whistles campaign and Greenpeace. She also has been very active on raising awareness for Down Syndrome, Autism and Breast Cancer.  Sara has created programs where a portion of the proceeds from the sale of some of her jewelry designs are donated to the charities and causes that she supports.  This a prime example of the power of following your passion and allowing your passion to produce income to not only support yourself, but to support your favorite causes as well!

Sarah has a very sound philosophy for future growth and has raised the bar for jewelry designs and entrepreneurial ventures.  She says, “My future goals include expanding,” she says. “I want people to be able to not leave my site without having to have something.”

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