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Jannik Olander : Luxurious…HeartFelt…Spiritual

jannik 1Jannik Olander, the Jewelry design Viking, was born in Denmark and eventually moved to Los Angeles in 2008.  Born with taste and a passion for style,  Jannik went to work early on in his career for Ralph Lauren Polo and Tommy Hilfiger.  Jannik was reportedly, one of the youngest managers to ever work for Ralph Lauren.

After selling a previous business venture, Jannik relocated to Los Angeles,  with intentions to start and publish magazines.  The initial business model was to place his high end magazines in luxury hotels as a perk to the hotel guests.  The goal was to sell advertising space to luxury brands from all around the world and make his fortune doing so.  However, despite his best efforts the project never picked up enough steam to become profitable.  As a matter of fact he spent most of the profits from the sale of his previous venture during the process.  So with his last bit of money left, some estimate it to be in the range of about $10,000 he Launched NIALAYA Jewelry.

Since Launching his Jewelry Design store, NIALAYA Jewelry, in 2011 he has been on a meteoric rise to notoriety and Nialaya ad spotsuccess.  His Jewelry designs have been seen in International Rap Videos,High end Luxury Magazines, Television Shows and so much more.  He has become known in Entertainment circles as "Jannik the Jeweler."  Boasting A-List celebrity clients like, BirdMan, Usher, Eve Marcelle, Chris Brown, Rapper Rick Ross, Entertainment Mogul Sean P. Diddy Combs, Russell Simmons, Ciara, R&B Singer Keri Hilson, Xenia, SuperProducer Timbaland, David Guetta, Fabio, Fantasia, Madonna and many more. 

His Company NIALAYA is based in Los Angeles, California and his branch offices in New York City and Copenhagen.  Even with such widespread success, HollyWood Store and Offices spread out over 2 continents; all of his Jewelry design is still done right at home in his Hollywood, CA home.  Olander says that he still hand picks all of the precious and semi-precious stones, beads, and other ecclectic materials made in his Jewelry one by one from his worldwide travels.  Those that work with him say that he still makes it a point to pour his own literal heart into each and every piece.  Jannik believes that the energy, texture and character of each of the stones he finds gives him so much inspiration that inspiration for entire new lines come from the creative powers he picks up from that stone.  Bali, India and also Thailand are some of his preferred locations to travel to find his stones as well as, a source for gaining insight and spiritual rejuvenation.  Olander believes that every stone has healing properties that can intensify the wearer's own energy.  Many of his clients report an enhanced calm in their personal lives and a super confidence when it comes time to work.  By working closely with each piece Jannik himself, claims to gain an enhanced sens of inner peace and clarity. 

jannik and diddyJannik makes it a practice that when a new jewelry design is finished, he then "cleanses" each finished work with purifying sage, as to detach any negative or hindering energy from the stones and materials that make up the piece.  Jannik believes that this cleansing ritual he undergoes for each piece enhances the inate powers within the stones and allows each piece of jewelry to "communicate" better with the wearer.  On, the site states that "Each piece of jewelry is carefully put together, ensuring that the energy of the stones supports the bearer in his or her dreams."

The NIALAYA brand seems to represent sort of a Spiritual Luxury.  Olander named his company NIALAYA after a Shaman he met in India that Jannik credits with being the very inspiration for his jewelry. 

Those close to him Olander say that he "He Pours out his Passion".  Ironically, we've noticed this constant theme among all of the successful jewelry designers we've reviewed.  It might be a point that our aspiring jewelry designers and readers might want to pay very close attention to.

There is something powerful that the universe seems to respect about taking your Passion, then perfecting it and ultimately then serving it up to the world.  This formula of honesty, passion, heart and creativity seems to always produce not only success but also, well-being for the artist.

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