Professional Ring Repair for Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is more than an investment, it’s a symbol of the love that brought the two of you together. Choosing who repairs that ring, and understanding what they have to do, takes careful thought if you want to preserve your jewelry. The right repair work can give your settings that “like-new” feel. The wrong repairs may be loose or cause even more damage. When your engagement ring is in need of repair, trust a professional to do the work and be sure to ask them about their services.

Where to Go

In some cases, the jeweler that the ring was purchased from would be the place to go for jewelry repair. That is not always possible, for various reasons, so choose a jeweler who understands the metals in your ring. Reputable professional ring repair jewelers typically have an extensive client history to draw testimonials from.

Repairing Stones

Diamonds can sustain small scratches and surface scuffs, despite their reputation for being the hardest gemstone. This includes perfect diamonds, who may suffer damage at a slower rate than a flawed diamond. Those with flawed diamonds should have rings regularly inspected. In the case that a stone cannot be saved, it can often be reused for a band.

A cubic zirconia is an excellent replacement until you find the diamond you want. They are nearly indistinguishable, and they will fit any setting you need.


Loose rings present a danger to your hands. You might hook it on an object as you pass by, or lose it walking around. A tight ring could cut off circulation to your hands. The first thing you should do is visit a jeweler for ring sizing,  so you can find out exactly what you need. From there, you can either purchase a spacer to provide some extra tightness, or opt for a full resizing. Certain metals cannot be resized at all, in which case you will need to buy a smaller ring.

Setting a Stone

The settings are particularly vulnerable to damage from average wear. Prongs can hook on sweaters or other fabric, twisting and bending out of place. Minor damage over time can cause a loose gem stone to slip out. If your gemstone is wriggling in its setting, or you see bent prongs holding the stone in place, get it repaired. A new setting may be needed, or a minor adjustment may be able to secure the stone.


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