Make Your Career Sparkle: Become a Jewelry Designer

A Future So Bright You have to Wear Shades: Becoming a Jewelry Designer

graduation2Can you imagine having a great job that pays well, is very fulfilling and allows you the opportunity to use your artistic and creative ability to create awesome works of "Wearable Art"?   I invite you to explore the awesome field of  jewelry design, where all of the above is true and then some.

Very few careers provide such vast opportunity and reward.  The jewelry design profession gives you the rare ability to do a job that let's you not only bring your creative visions to life, but also the hard-earned life-long dreams of your future customers.  Statistics report that over half of Professional Jewelry designers are self employed by choice.  Many Jewelry designers value the variety, flexibility and freedom that being self employed affords them. 


What exactly is it that jewelry designers do?

jewelry schoolJewelry designers utilize a wide array of special hand tools and computer software to conceptualize, plan, model and produce unique jewelry items.  They also are able to cut, set, repair and appraise jewelry.  Being a jewelry designer requires a high degree of creative ability, attention to detail and a basic computer literacy.  Moreover,  in order to be successful in the jewelry design field, the prospect must innately posses a passion for creativity, style and art.  Jewelry designers are required to collaborate with high end clients from a wide variety of backgrounds.  The ideal jewelry design prospect will posses excellent written and verbal communication skills; as well as.

After having taken inventory of the personal skills and abilities In order to begin the journey toward becoming a professional jewelry designer, the prospect must begin to investigate the schools and educational institutions that offer the education necessary to become proficient in the jewelry design field.  

Top Jewelry Design Schools:

  • The State University of New York
  • Rhode Island School of Design
  • California College of the Arts
  • The University of Wisconsin in Madison
  • San Diego State University
  • Cranbrook Academy of Art
  • Temple University
  • The Rochester Institute of Technology


Online Jewelry Design Programs:


The prospective jewelry design professional must first and foremost research as many schools and educational programs as possible, to ensure that they are getting the best education.  Though a degree is not required, excellent skills are required and education shortens the learning curve exponentially.

What Benefit do you Really get from Jewelry Design School?

Jewelry designers that actually take the extra step and actually attend jewelry design schools are most qualified for the best and most exciting positions and opportunities in the jewelry industry.  Jewelry design schools arm and equip the jewelry design student with all of the most relevant training, proven ability, and hands-on experience; to the point that they immediately excel in any jewelry design position.bracelet jewelry

Jewelry design school equips prospective students for employment inside jewelry stores, jobs selling and even repairing jewelry.  Jewelry manufacturers often seek out and recruit graduates from trusted jewelry design schools.  Conversely, Jewelry design school thoroughly prepares the student to even bypass the job market and become self employed.

Self Employed jewelry designers have the widest array of options available to them.  They have the option of starting their own custom jewelry design boutique, becoming the design center for a large jewelry chain or they may even exercise their option to create their own custom jewelry line.  Jewelry design schools gives those with a real desire to enter the career of jewelry design the best tools to succeed and the most career options.



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