Jewelry Styling Tips to Suit Your Skin Tone

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You may have noticed that certain metals look better on your skin, while others tend to wash out your skin. This is mainly due to your skin tone and the color of the metal. Here are some tips on what color metal you should wear for your skin tone.

Cool skin tones – silver – If you have bright blue eyes and naturally brown hair with a contrast between the color of your hair, skin, and eyes, you have a cool skin tone. These skin tones carry bright colors well, like royal blue and scarlet. You should also opt for cool-colored metals, like Silver.

Warm skin tones – yellow gold or rose gold – If your skin tone is warm you will have green eyes and less contrast between your hair, skin, and eyes. Therefore look to wear paler more neutral metals like yellow gold or rose gold.

Remember when your discount shopping online for jewelry, consider the design of the jewelry as well as the color of the metal. Usually, metal shades that do not match your skin tone will make the jewelry look cheap on the wearer.

However, if you have jewelry that doesn’t match your exact skin tone, create cool or warm tones by changing your makeup, hairstyle or the color of your clothing. For example, if you have cool skin tones and want to wear gold, use some bronzer and wear your hair up and away from your face.

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