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Intro to Jewelry Design as a Hobby: Guerilla DIY Jewelry Design

beading a braceletIn recent years we’ve seen a fantastic rise in popularity for Jewelry design as a hobby.  Forums, blogs, how to sites and online supply stores have been coming online in droves, to service the demand created by the ever growing legions of people that are undertaking Jewelry design as a hobby.  Jewelry design enthusiasts say that there is nothing that compares with taking an idea for a piece of jewelry that only exists in the mind and bring it into reality with your own hands.  Many other newbie Jewelry designers say that it is a way to relax and unwind from the stresses of their everyday lives, because it allows them to truly focus on their craft and their mind forgets about the things that have weighed so heavily on it throughout the day. 

Both the newbie jewelry designer and the advanced designer understands that this hobby is one that demands that several skills operate in concert; because jewelry design requires a creative idea, some artistic skill and lots of patience. 

Basic Skills Needed to be successful at jewelry design

Some of the basic skills needed to successfully design jewelry include: wire wrapping, stitching, and stringing.  Even just mastering these basic skills will allow you to see how you can quickly begin making original works of “wearable art” in no time at all.  Mastering these basic skills opens the way for the newbie to begin making bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. The hardest part is getting started and getting over the creative blocks that often form in the mind of the artist.  

There are plenty of awesome online tutorial sites that will give you the inspiration, training, motivation and skill need to help you as you begin your brand new hobby.  There are also tons of blogs and forums where the newbie designer can get online to network and share tips, tricks and more, from more seasoned jewelry designers.  While there you can look at there work for inspiration and also get them to share their design plans that are as simple to follow as a basic recipe for your favorite dish. 

Overcoming the Creative Block all Jewelery Designers encounter: Newbie or Pro

The first thing you need to do is GET INSPIRED!  Its important to develop the ability, through practice, of getting inspirationbeading hobby from a wide variety of creative catalysts.  The first tip many advanced jewelry designers offer is to STOP and take a peek.  Simply by opening up your eyes to scan the room for something that catches your eye and allow that thing to be an inspiration point to help you try something new or allow it to take you down a new creative corridor.  With practice your creative eye begins to develop a sharp acuity and will allow seemingly irrelevant items in the room to be a springboard to new heights of creative design.  It’ll inspire you to use new color palettes, new texture and new types of materials.   This is vital, so that all of your jewelry creations don’t end up looking the same.

Secondly, our seasoned jewelry design pros tell us to start reading magazines with your “creative eyes” on.  Something as simple as browsing the ads of some of the major advertisers can prove to be an endless wellspring of creative motivation.  It’ll help you see like the Pros see by observing the latest design trends and the latest forms of artistic expression that you can begin to use in your own creations.

Third, the pros adart teachervise newbies that hit a creative ceiling to enroll in a free class on learning to employ a new technique.  Each and every new technique you learn to use will heighten your overall design skills exponentially.  Always be learning and you’ll always be growing creatively.  Now with the advent of youtube, you can learn a plethora of new techniques for free at the click of a mouse.  There are seasoned pros on Youtube that will literally teach you a llot of what they know via online tutorial videos.  So not only do you learn their techniques but after applying those styles a while it will certainly inspire you to create new things that are all your own.   By refusing to back down from new design challenges and learning to always be incorporating new things into your works then you will always be enhancing the beauty, originality and value of your jewelry design works.

Jewelry design veterans also advise that Newbies that run into a creative block should GET CONNECTED!  Many times creative energy is contagious, so by joining groups and getting around other creative people inspiration will blossom.  Often professional jewelry designers work in a large room elbow to elbow with their co-workers to elevate the overall creativity of the collective team.   The vast majority of jewelry design pros say that it is certainly a noticeable elevation of creative “juice” that flows when you observe other people in the midst of the creative process, often resulting in you greatly improving your works beyond what you would have previously thought possible.  So, get out and Get Connected!

The Last and the most effective tip for overcoming creative blocks is offered to us in two short words: Walk Away!  Most will agree that when inspiration is low, you need to stop and step away.  Knowing when to just give your mind a break, go do something else altogether.  There are actually studies that show this is a very valid solution to getting over a creative block. Studies show that by simply stepping a way from the project, giving your mind a rest from the creative limitation and coming back later we can be confident that we will get new perspective and creative energy; often resulting in a new creative solution.

By applying the tips we’ve offered from some seasoned pros, we know that you will get a great head start in embarking on your new journey into the highly satisfying and highly addictive world of Jewelry design.

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