How to Collect Vintage Perfume Bottles

What if there was a way to capture a scent from the past? Surprise, there is! A growing number of collectors are investing in quality perfumes from bygone eras. For many people, the fun in collecting such bottles is not only in the scent that’s inside. It’s also about the bottles, many of which are unique pieces of art that you won’t find today.

If you’re interested in starting such a collection, beware. Not every perfume bottle advertised as vintage is truly from the past. So how do you make sure you have the real thing? Read the following tips on how to collect authentic vintage perfume bottles.

Attend estate sales. Estate sales are often great places to find vintage and antique items, from antique rings to vintage clothes. It’s very possible to find great vintage perfume bottles at estate sales mainly because many women keep their perfumes for so long even if they don’t collect them. While you might have to spend some time hunting for your treasure, the upside to visiting estate sales is that you can purchase collector items at cheap prices.

Visit a vintage perfume retailer. If you don’t have time to go hunting for treasure, your next best option is to visit a professional vintage perfume retailer. It might be hard to find a retailer that specializes in only vintage perfumes, but you can find vintage perfumes at retailers such as Cynthia Findlay Antiques, places that focus on a variety of estate, vintage and antique items.

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