The Most Flattering Colors to Wear With Every Denim Wash

Denim comes in a wide array of washes and can range from light to deep blues. Since most shades are so different from each other, choosing a perfect match can be difficult. To highlight your jeans as well as your top, here are 5 of the most common denim colour washes and what colours pair with them best.

Light washed denim – Light washes can be tricky because they can look worn out. To make your denim stand out pair it with a dark burgundy. Most people pair light denim with light coloured tops like white. However this will create a very one dimensional look that is not flattering.

Medium washed denim – This wash is faded in certain areas and darker in others. Green compliments this wash perfectly, by bringing out the darker shading of the denim and making the lighter areas brighter. Choose a rich bottle green to create a stunning pairing.

Dark to medium washed denim – This type of denim looks best paired with navy blue. The two different shades of blue, brings out the best in both the top and bottom.

Dark washed denim – Dark denim looks best paired with red. The red tones, helps the dark wash look more rich and expensive.

Darkest washed denim – The darkest washed denim, which is close to navy, looks best with bright colours like yellow. In this case your denim will make your yellow top look brighter and more vibrant.

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