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When it comes to jewelry, everyone knows the stones involved play a big part. But if they don’t look right, it won’t matter what type you select. That’s where you can actually save some serious money: by picking affordable stones, but ensuring that they are arranged in such a way that they still grab all the right kinds of attention.

One good examples of this is cubic zirconia jewelry. There’s no doubting the manmade stones themselves are gorgeous—they’re perfect imitations of diamonds, after all—but they’re also extremely versatile, meaning they can make any look possible.

This is one reason why cubic zirconia wedding bands have become so popular. With high quality CZ engagement rings, the groom can literally save thousands of dollars, yet still knock his fiancé off her feet. Because they’re cubic zirconia, it’s also very cheap to make the perfect size and shaped rocks in order to create a ring that is sure to impress.

So if you’re in the market for jewelry, especially if it’s for your soon-to-be wife, don’t waste a bunch of money on rocks of dubious distinction. Instead, buy cubic zirconia and get a perfect look for an even better price.

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