Choosing Right Jacket for Your Body Type

A jacket can be the perfect addition to any women’s wardrobe. Finding the perfect jacket can add a touch of elegance and truly complete a look. However, it can be tricky when you are shopping for jackets for women. It’s important to not only find a jacket or blazer that looks great but also one that works for your body shape.

Every woman’s body is unique and it’s important to understand how to dress for your body’s unique characteristics. Some blazers for women will look stylish on one person but look less chic on a different woman simply because of their body type. Here’s a look at some of the most common body types and the types of designer jackets for women that will be most flattering for these figures:

Hourglass: Designer jackets for women are a perfect way for women who are busty and have slim waists to show off their figure. You’ll want to look for jackets that are straight fitted or belted to show off your waist. Avoid bulky jackets and blazers, however, as these will make you appear boxy.

Apple: If you have an “inverted triangle” body type, you want a jacket that will break up your wide shoulders and narrow your figure. One way to do this is to select a jacket that is plain but with plenty of details and volume near the hem. Make sure that your jacket is as long as your mid-thigh.

Petite: If you are slim and short, you’ll want to avoid jackets and blazers that are bulky. Your petite frame will simply be swallowed up by these styles. Instead, look for straight and short jackets that are no lower than mid-thigh level. You’ll also want to stay away from double-breasted blazers that add volume to your small frame and can overwhelm your shape.

Rectangle: If you have a “boy body,” you can still find stylish jackets and coats to show off your feminine beauty. You can accentuate your curves by selecting jackets with flared hemlines or nipped waists. You can also try wearing belted jackets to highlight your other features. Again, you’ll want to get away from bulky looks like double-breasted blazers.

Pear: Women with wide hips look great in fitted flare or A-line jackets that add a waist and balance out their body. They can also wear jackets that add curves to their bust to create a more hourglass look. This can be done by wearing jackets with large, rounded collars with lots of details.


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