5 Tips on how to colour your hair at home

Instead of spending countless hours at the salon and spending on frequent colour changes, colouring your hair at home can be an easy way to transform your look. Follow the tips below to ensure you get the right shade and colour your hair safely.

Your skin tone – To ensure you don’t buy the wrong colour choose one within two shades of your natural colour. To understand which colour would work best, consider the type of jewellery you wear. If you wear more gold, opt for warm colours such as golden blondes and reds. If you prefer more silver, you should opt for colour close to ash.

Type of colour – If you want full coverage, choose a liquid or cream based colour. For a beginner choose a mousse or a foam based colour.

Buy two of your shade – If your colouring your hair for the first time, buy a few boxes of colour in your shade. This will prevent you from running out mid colour.

At home supplies – Apart from the equipment that comes with your colouring kit, you will need a few more at home supplies. For example you will need vaseline to protect your hair line from absorbing the colour. To protect your hands, keep a pair of good quality gloves and a dark towel that you don’t mind staining. Check how long your colour should be on your hair and place a timer on your phone.

Condition to lock in moisture – To prevent damage due to colouring, invest in a good quality hair mask and apply it weekly. After colouring your hair for the first time, use the hair colour provided in your colour kit.

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