5 Secrets To Dressing Like a British Girl

British girls always seem naturally sophisticated and comfortable. Their sense of style is unique and not overworked. This brings about a very old meets new look, that almost anyone can copy. Here are 5 secrets to dressing like a British girl;

A white shirt – A crisp white fitted shirt is a must-have in any british closet. It is can be worn as both day and evening wear. Pair your white shirt with jeans, a mini, a pleated skirt for a mix of feminine meets masculine.

Wear heels during the day – Don’t be afraid to pull out your heels during the day. Heels are a staple in most british wardrobes and are worn throughout the day. A good comfortable pair of heels, gives an outfit confidence and length.

A well-cut blazer – A blazer with a white shirt is a classic combo, that looks polished on any body type. Wear your blazer with pants for a more masculine look or pair it with a dress, to give your outfit structure.

Fitted jeans and a soft pretty blouse – Mixing masculine with feminine, is a trick british girls have mastered. This combo is a season favourite and suits almost anyone. The look works best with a washed out pair of denims and a silk pussy bow blouse.

Colour is your friend – British girls love colour. Include bright colours with a cashmere crew jumper, which is perfect for comfort and style.

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