5 Easy outfits every stylish woman has on hand

Even the most stylish women, will have a few staples that she can always fall back on. Although pieces on trend are fun, classic pieces are those that can always be worn for any occasion. Here are 5 easy outfits every stylish women has on hand.

A weekend look for cold weather – Stylish women are not accustomed to throwing on sweatpants and heading out the door. Instead they would have a stylish outfit that is casual yet chic. Opt for a pair of white denim pants, a t-shirt top and a navy fitted jacket. This outfit can be refreshed by changing your top or shoes.

A weekend outfit for warmer months – Sundresses are a great way to stay cool and feminine. Pair your dress with a nice pair of open toe sandals. Another addition for those who prefer pants, is a breezy cotton top with denim shorts.

A Work-Appropriate Summer Outfit – Since wearing a sundress to work doesn’t look professional, opt for breezy fabrics in summer colours. Pair this with a light jacket and work appropriate shoes.

A Classic Top and Black Pants – Stylish women always have a good base wardrobe and a pair of well-cut black pants a must on that list. A well-cut pair of pants can be paired with a chic white blouse or dressed down with a plain singlet top.

A Dressed-Up Top and Jeans – Stylish women wouldn’t wear jeans and a t-shirt, instead they would pair their jeans with a top with detail. This takes the outfit from casual to a dinner out.

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