4 Tips to Improve Your High Street Fashion Factor

Gemma Shepherd, a stylist on the X-Factor, has plenty of experience helping people look like stars when they hit the stage.

Begs the question: can everyday people minus the access of top designers and large wardrobes really dress like the stars do?

She believes that this is very possible provided you know how and where to shop. Here are 4 tips for improve your high street fashion factor:

1: Embellish Your Little Black Dress

The little black dress, while being effective, is both simple and minimal. So, if you use an up-to-date necklace with it, the transformation is unlike anything you’d look with just the black dress. One example of a necklace is the type that can be hung over your shoulders. This will make the dress look very different.


2: Shoes, shoes, shoes

One of her popular brands is Little Mistress. Her dancers on the X-Factor are actually used boots from this brand and which contain powermesh. Best part: they can be worn with tights while being both edgy yet comfortable.

3: Dresses with sparkle

One of the contestants, Louisa Johnson, wore a sparkly dress that was purchased from Topshop. Gemma believes that it is all about silhouette and making the lines look really strong. If you do it right, a high street piece can really rock it and which will the impression that it is far more expensive than it really is.

4: Finding the perfect fabric

If you are a plus size, you have to understand more about fabric and what they can do for you. Satin, according to her, works for no one as it creates reflective bulges. She also believes that silk tend to be more forgiving especially if it is a bias cut.

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