4 Kanye-Inspired Fashion Tips

No matter what you think of Kanye West, it’s obvious that he has a distinct style of his own.

Speaking of which, he offers an excellent lesson in personal style – one that is both popular and yet unique.

Here are 4 fashion tips that you can pick up from Kanye:

1: Big Tees and Bleached Jeans

There’s no doubt that everything about Kanye is casual and that really works. This goes extremely well with his music too. It’s this simplicity that makes him so cool.


2: Tonal or Monochrome Looks

It’s evident that Kanye is fond of tonal or monochrome looks with the way he dresses. You will rarely find him wearing sharp contrasts in color but just different tones of the same color. One instance where he does this is wearing a white button down along with a pair of white jeans where both are of different tones in color.

3: Try New Style Suits

Most men tend to play it safe when it comes to suiting. It’s not such a bad idea to try wearing something bold even if you are attending a black tie event or where a suit is a must. Kanye has been known to experiment with classic style suits as well as a midnight blue tuxedo that really set him apart for all the right reasons.

4: A White Button-Down With Jeans

This business-meets-casual look includes a pair-washed jeans along with a white button down and rolled up sleeves. What he also does is keep the button down untucked while wearing a pair of Chelsea boots too. That makes everything look even less formal.

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