3 Hair ‘Disasters’ That Were Resolved By Experts

There are a number of hair disasters that pros have been asked to fix in a hurry. As you read on, you will find the solutions you found. Apart from this, you will also find out how you can prevent these disasters in the first place.

Here are three hair ‘incidents’ that were resolved by experts:

1: Hair streaked by color

One expert was called in to carry out a touch-up of a client’s hair. She noticed a green line running through her locks and that she had gotten from swimming the previous day. Clearly, this was from chlorinated water and that was absorbed by the scrunchie that she used to dye her hair. After using dish soap and clarifying shampoo, the expert used diluted nail polish remover to get rid of the stubborn stain.

summerfasionstyle2: Smelly Hair

One client had this bad practice of not washing her hair regularly. What makes matters worse is that she is a Pilates instructor who sweats regularly too. So for this, they washed her hair thrice. The first time was at the roots with Dawn dish detergent so that the body oils could be dissolved. Without the detergent, her hair would smell when blow-dried. It’s not a good idea to go without shampooing your hair for more than 48 hours apart.

3: Low Brows

One client whose brows were getting sparser decided to tattoo that area. But the artist tattooed her brow too low. For this, they decided to grow hair on the bottom of the brows to camouflage the mistake made by the artist. Since then, she also softens the brow color with a lighter brow pencil as well as translucent hair powder too. If anything, avoid brow tattooing as the color turns bluish black and doesn’t look good on most skin tones anyways.

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